Streamline Your Help Desk with Fusion X IT

Streamline Your Help Desk with Fusion X IT​

Are you tired of juggling multiple tools and platforms to manage your IT support operations?     Say hello to Fusion X IT, the ultimate integration solution that transforms your Microsoft Teams into a centralized interaction center for technicians and your help desk software.

Seamless Integration

Fusion X IT seamlessly integrates your Microsoft Teams channel with your help desk software, bringing all your critical functions under one roof.

Real-Time Updates

Receive ticket notifications and updates directly in your Microsoft Teams channels, keeping your team informed and responsive.

Quick Actions

Take immediate action on ticket requests through conversation cards within Microsoft Teams, speeding up issue resolution.

NLP Ticket Commands

Empower your customers with Natural Language Processing (NLP) ticket commands right within their Microsoft Teams environment.


Proactive Notifications

Stay ahead of the game with proactive notifications for primary resource changes, new tickets, SLA overdue alerts, idle tickets, and customer replies.

Machine Learning

Leverage machine learning to predict and manage customer responses efficiently.


Tailor Fusion X IT to your unique workflow with customizable notification cards, quick actions, and secondary resource mentions.

Automated Scheduling

Effortlessly schedule service calls within your dispatch calendar using Fusion X IT.

Automated Ticket System in Microsoft Teams

Solutions & Wins

  • Enhanced Collaboration

    Bring your support and technical teams closer, fostering seamless collaboration and quick issue resolution.

  • Efficient Ticket Management:

    Consolidate all your ticketing functions into one platform, reducing complexity and improving efficiency.

  • Improved Productivity

    Optimize your work hours, schedule service calls, and reduce manual efforts, boosting overall productivity.

Try Fusion X IT Today!

Join the league of IT Support and Help Desk companies that are revolutionizing their operations with Fusion X IT. Experience the power of seamless integration and proactive support. Elevate your IT support game with Fusion X IT!


No hidden charges! Choose your best plan.


$20 / per user | per month
  • Ticketing system commands
  • Ticketing system notifications
  • Calendar ticketing dispatching
  • Interactive quick actions
  • Customizable interactive cards
  • Community Channel Membership
  • Project and tasks system commands
  • Resource management commands
  • Resource management notifications
  • Ticketing performance notifications
  • Customer ticketing commands
  • *Minimum 10 users


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